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On Monday December 19th, 2005, two years after Jarodís death, Governor Bob Taft made Jarodís Law a reality by signing it into Ohio law.

The importance and significance of Jarodís Law has been recognized by all involved, resulting in overwhelming bipartisan support, an expedient review processes, and a majority approval in both the Ohio House and Ohio Senate. A status achieved by less than 21 percent of all introduced legislation.

In recognition of the importance of Jarodís Law, Ohioís Governor Bob Taft visited Lebanon on Monday, December 19th, 2005, and in a public signing ceremony, made Jarodís Law a reality by signing it into Ohio Law.

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Afterwards the Jarod's Law signing ceremony, a candlelight vigil was held in the rotunda of the Warren County Administration building in which people shared remembrances, thoughts, funny stories, and prayers of such a special person who has touched and changed so many lives forever. See Vigil photo's here

Now signed, Jarodís Law will be a silent but powerful force to protect our children. In reality, we probably wonít be able to identify specific cases of how Jarodís Law prevented injuries or fatalities. However without Jarodís Law it will be all too simple to identify other preventable injuries or fatalities of Ohio school children.

Although the emotional pain of losing Jarod is significant and life long, it would be even worse if we heard of another preventable injury or death in our schools, and we had chosen to do nothing as a result of Jarodís death.

Thank You Ė The Bennetts

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